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Bamboo Pillow
Cool Summer Bamboo Mat
Single    (48 x 75 inch)    - P795
Double  (54 x 75 inch)    - P1,050
Queen   (60 x 75 inch)    - P1,750
King       (70 x 80 inch)    - P1,950
Premium & Heavy Duty Dry Bag
28L Marjaqe Waterproof Bag
30LMarjaqe Waterproof Bag
Price: P1, 500

Colors : Red, Yellow, Royal Blue, Green
Price: P675

Colors : Blue, Yellow, Green
Prices :  
2L      -P110      3L    -P135      5L  -P160      
10L    -P185    15L   -P200     20L -P240   
30L    -P260

Colors : Pink, Red, Black, Yellow, Royal Blue               Orange, Green, Sky Blue, Grey  
Waterproof Waist Pouch
Smart Waterproof Bag
Universal waterproof Bag
Waterproof Belt Bag

Price: P175

Colors : ​
Blue, Red, White, Pink, Black
Universal waterproof underwater mobile pouch bag

Price: P195

​Colors : Blue, Red, White, Black, Light Blue
Travel Shoe Pouch
Airbed Banana Sofa
Multipurpose Travel Shoe Bag Pouch
Size : 21x30x11.5 cm

Price: P150

Colors :  Pink, Blue, Peach, Navy Blue
Prices :   
Regular            - P475
Premium         - P650
Heavy Duty     - P950

Colors : Pink, Red, Black, Yellow, Blue, 
              Grey, Orange

Sainteve Rectangular Pool
3 Ring Rectangular Pool
2 Ring Rectangular Pool 
Small (51"x35'x20")          - P1,150
Medium (70"x55"x24")    - P1,850
Large (83"x59"x26")         - P2,200

Cool down from the heat and have a splashing good time lounging in the 3-ring Sainteve inflatable swimming pool.

180x14060cm (70x55x24 inch) - P1, 850
130x90x50cm (95x35x20 inch) - P1, 150

Color: Blue

Keep cool and have fun this summer with 2 Ring Rectangular Family Poo

210x14045cm (84x56x18 inch) - P1, 700

Color: Blue

Intex Pool No Inflate
Crystal and EZ Swimming Pool
Kids Swimming Pool Toddler Splash Paddle Play Pool NO INFLATE Easy Setup INTEX

1.83m x 38cm (6 x 1'3 inch) - P1, 595

Color: Blue


Sainteve Crystal Pool - 110cm (43'') - 
Benthos E.Z Pool 6ftx15 in - 
E.Z Becken Piscine (5 x12 inch) - P

Swimming arm Floating
Inflatable Baby Float
swimming arm circle swimming floating ring swim ring swimming

Price: P95

Colors: Pink, Blue, Red
Inflatable Baby Float Seat Boat Tube Ring Car Sun shade Water Swim Swimming Pool

Price: P595

Colors: Pink, Blue
Dive Mask Snorkel 
Silicone Swim Cap
Sainteve Goggle Snorkel
Fashionable Style and Attractive Colours
Watertight and Comfort Dpble Edge Seal Skirt

Price: P495

Colors: Blue, Yellow
Optic Quality Polycarbonate Lenses.
U.V Protection
Ant0-fog Coated
Silicone Strap

Price: P195

Colors: Blue, Violet
Long Life Silicone, Extremely Elastic, Exceptional Comfort, Protect Hair while Swimming, High Performance high tech. Materials.

Price: P295

Watergun With Backpack Tank
Water Toy Gun 
Water Toy Gun
Watergun With Backpack Tank
Design: Frozen. Hello Kitty, Bug

Price: P599

Colors: Blue, Pink, Red
Sporter Water Gun Beach Water Toy Gun Pressure Gun Shooting Water Toys  

Medium: P295

Sporter Water Gun Beach Water Toy Gun Pressure Gun Shooting Water Toys  

Small       - P195
Medium  - P295
Large       - P395

58cm Water Shooter Gun
Inflatable Spiky Ball Toys Sport​​​
DIY Clay sand toy 
Just need a bucket of water to make your kids suck up the water easily with these fun guns

Small      - P90
Medium - P120
Large      - P150

Colors: Yellow, Red, Green
Inflatable Spiky Massage Ball Toys Sport Gift For Baby Kids

6 inches - P90
3 inches - P50

Colors: Red, Pink
easy to clean, no mess ,in life and smart 
easy to work and mold ,never dry
mold and shape it!

1kg. Clay Sand                  - P295
2kg. Clay Sand Toy           - P395
Set of Clay Sand w/chair - P395

36'' Intex Double Quick II
29'' Intex Double Quick 
Intex Double Quick 
For Inflating Airbeds, Floats and other Inflatable Items. 
There are 3 nozzle sizes which can fit most air-valves.

Price: P575

A high volume pump
Intended to inflate items
Heavy air volume at low pressure

Price: P295

Bestway Air Hammer Inflation Pump

48cm (49 inch) - P750
30cm (12 inch) - P295

Electric Air Pump
Fast electric airpump for inflatable air beds, paddling pools, lilo, small bouncy castles, garden, swimming,
-Heavy air volume at low pressure

Price: P 195

Kazbrella Reverse Umbrella
Golf Umbrella
Golf Umbrella ang Baston 
Prices :   
Manual Umbrella             - P295
Push Button (Plain)          - P375
Push Button (w/Design)  - P475
Automatic Open (Plain)   - P595

Colors : Pink, Red, Black, Yellow
               Royal Blue               

Golf Umbrella Windproof Automatic (Blue)
-8 Ribs
-67cm in height

Golf Umbrella Windproof Manual 
60cm in height
Colors: Green, Maroon, Black, Red

Price: P395
J-Handle ​Golf Umbrella 
8 Ribs
60cm in height

Price: P395

Baston Umbrella (Glossy)  - P495
Baston Umbrella                 - P395

Yikang Pocket Rain Suit
Lida Rain Suit 
Yikang Poncho Raincoat
Lighter suit for warmer weather, and hotter climates.

Prices: P495

Color: Orange

Lighter suit for warmer weather, and hotter climates.

Prices: P495

Color: Black , Camouflage

Lightweight Poncho (H-628)   - P495
Yikang Raincoat (H-885)          - P495
Raincoat Checkerec (h-8850   - P495
Camouflage Poncho                 - P495
Lidapai Camouflage Poncho   - P495

Color: Black , Neon, Maroon, Green,                          Orange, Red, Pink

Lightweight Poncho 
Children Raincoat w/ characters
Yifang Tian Motorcycle Cover
Motorcycle Raincoat w/ Motor Front - P395
Cover Suit Raincoat (H-883)                - P395
Lightweight Poncho (H-892)                - P395
Yayue Poncho                                        - P295
Lightweight Poncho                               -P195

Children Raincoat - P395

Design: Barbie, Spiderman, Princess, Sofia

Student Schoolbag Raincot - P295

Yifang Tain Motorcycle Cover 
Material : PVC

Price: P495

Ladies Fashion Leather Boots
Ladies High Cut Foldable Boots
Ladies High Cut Rain Boots
Size : 38 to 40
Height: 8.5 inches
Colors :
Black,  Red

Price : P 550

Green Camouflage (H-15'')   - 40 to 42
Viloet Camouflage (H-13'')    - 41
Checkered Red (H-12'')          - 41
Dalmitian Brown (H-11.5'')    - 37 to 38

​Price: P375

Ladies Rain Boots -(Blue)(H-14.5'')
Size:  41 To 44

Lady Boots (Green) (H-11 inch)
Size: 39

Price : P 350

Fire Fighter Boots 
Rainproof Shoes Cover
Acupressure Massage Slippers 
Heavy Duty Fire Fighter Boots (Yellow/Black)
Height: 13 inches
Size: 41

Price: P3, 950

Heavy Duty Construction Boots (Black)
Height: 15 inches
Size: 44/10

Price: P950

​Men's Shoe Cover
Sizes : Large, XL, XXL

Price : P 240

Lady Rainproof Shoes Cover
​Size: Large, XL

Price: P195
Slippers  Foot Massager
Size: M, L, XL

Price: P395

Massager Slippers
Size: M, L, XL

Price: P295
Portable Sauna Steam Bath
Air O Dry Clothes Dryer
Portable Clothes Hanger
The warm vapor of the steam helps to minimize the muscular discomfort, stimulates perspiration and it also helps to improve the circulation of blood as well.​

-Temperature: Up to 45˚C (approx.)
-Max Power Output: 850 W
-Volume of Steam Generator: 1.5 Liter

Price: P1, 975
Skip from facing her wrath and head back to the comfort of your laundry room and dry your clothes ​​

Unfolded: 55 (L) x 55 (W) x 90cm (H)
Folded: 34 (L) x 34 (W) x 16cm (H)
Material: Nylon, ABS, Aluminium brackets
Capacity: Maximum 10kg

Price: P995
It is a perfect solution to clothes storage and organizing. It also features large capacity and is super convenient.

Double Pole  - P650
Single Pole     - P475

Portable Steam Flat Iron 
JK-8 Power Vacuum Cleaner 
Hurricane Spin Scrubber
Features a flat-folding handle for easy storage
Lightweight, compact, convenient, and durable

Size (L x W x H): 18 x 8 x 10 cm
Weight: 0.40 kg

Price: P575
This vacuum cleaner’s lightweight and handy design, plus its six-meter cord, lets you utilize it conveniently and accomplish your job quickly. 

Price: P850
Cuts through soap scum, mildew, grime & dirt,300 scrubs per minute, Works without harsh or abrasive chemicals, Indoor/Outdoor use, Cordless and Rechargeable

Price: P895
Tobi Travel Steamer
Waterproof Shoe Box
The Travel Garment Steamer smooth out wrinkly clothes in just seconds without using a traditional iron. No need for a board or flat surface, just hang your clothes and let the Tobi Travel Steamer take care of the wrinkles

Price: P550
​Top Covered Shoe Box - P75
Sliding Shoe Box - P100

Dimension: 20cm x31cm x11cm
Colors: Orange, Blue, Black

Reversible Couch Coat
Enwei Hanger with Clips
Protect your furniture from pet hair, spills and stains Couch Coat. It's made of soft, breathable cotton and fits any sofa up to 92" long.

Price: P495
Made of Plastic
Budget Friendly

Price: P220

Portable Hand-held mini fan
 Neck Mini E-Fan 
 USB Mini Fan 
​with rechargeable battery

Price: P120
F140 Rechargeable Over-neck Mini Cooling Fan Battery Operated  ​​

Unique neck hanging style, can be hanging around neck with lanyard,

Price: P395

Colors: Pink, Yellow, Blue
F140 Rechargeable Over-neck Mini Cooling Fan Battery Operated  ​​

Unique neck hanging style, can be hanging around neck with lanyard,

Price: P395

Colors: Pink, Yellow, Blue
Portable Hand Mini E-Fan
5 Blades Ceiling Fan 
​Design : Soldiers, Minions, Hello Kitty

Price: P395
​Plastic blade so it wont hurt if accidentally touch while in Rotating

Blade Lenth: 34 cm
voltage: 220v 50-60hz

Price: P395